1. Trent Grocock

    Trent Grocock

    Vice President for Finance

  2. Rich Bellis

    Rich Bellis

    Associate Vice President for Finance, Treasury Services

  3. Gilberto Carles Barraza 02

    Gilberto Carles Barraza

    Sr Director, Procurement Services

  4. Leigh Handrigan 09

    Leigh Handrigan

    Advisor to VP for Finance

  5. Mike Hastings 02

    John Hastings

    Director, Treasury Services

  6. Linda Kroll

    Linda Kroll

    Associate Vice President for Finance, Office of Budget & Planning

  7. Jason Little

    Jason Little

    Associate Controller, Accounting and Financial Services

  8. Drew Paluf 11

    Drew Paluf

    Associate Vice President for Finance & Controller

  9. Cindy Sachire Feb

    Cindy Sachire

    Sr Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

  10. Paul Vandieren

    Paul Van Dieren

    Associate Controller, Tax & Payment Services